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Yūko-kai 2015
Student Dances

a concert in honour of master Japanese dancer Fujima Yūko

Colleen Lanki (Fujima Sayū) and TomoeArts' Nihon Buyoh Students

Sunday, January 25, 2015 - 3pm

Carousel Theatre Studio
Granville Island - 1411 Cartwright Street,

By donation at the door

TomoeArts presents a concert of Japanese classical dance celebrating the life of master dancer and teacher Fujima Yūko (1929-2003). A group or gathering for performance or presentation can be termed "kai"so Yūko-kai is literally "a gathering for Yûko.

Fujima Yűko was TomoeArts' Artistic Director Colleen Lanki's first teacher of nihon buyoh. Colleen trained intensely with her for seven years, after which she was given a professional dance name, Fujima Sayű making her part of Yūko's artistic lineage. Fujima Yūko passed away on January 18, 2003 at the age of 74, days after a major performance at the National Theatre in Tokyo, and although Colleen has since been studying with another master teacher (Fujima Shôgo) her core artistic lineage is with her first teacher.

This concert will feature TomoeArts' students performing dances from Fujima Yūko's repertoire, featuring onnagata or female form pieces. Dances include sections of Fuji Musume (The Wisteria Maiden), Asazumabune (The Boat of Asazuma), Hakusen (White Fans), and Kotobuki . Colleen will also talk about Yūko-sensei's teaching methods and how she is trying to pass on what she has learned through TomoeArts' projects and lessons.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of dance, sharing and tea.

click here for a map to the Carousel Theatre Studio
• The studio is located near the Children's Market and Granville Island Brewery. •