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EN (circle/fate) - March 7, 2010

  • Performances: March 7, 2010; 7-9:30pm
  • starting at the Sun Yat Sen Gardens and moving through Gastown and Chinatown
  • Choreography and direction: Colleen Lanki
  • Composition and performance: Eien Hunter-Ishikawa
  • Costume and Projection design: Yulia Stern
  • Dancers: Maki Komori and Tami Mukai
  • Procession of Performing Circles curated by: Glenn Lewis (LIVE)

EN in Japanese can mean "circle" or "fate"depending on how it is written. In this piece the two are connected...


EN (circle/fate) is about the circular nature of lives, relationships and history.

Two dancers with white umbrellas. A single taiko drummer beats multiple rhythms. Repeating images of the faces of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood. The meeting and re-meeting of lives.

EN (circle/fate) is a short dance created for the Procession of Performing Circles in which six Vancouver groups come together to light up a few blocks of the Downtown Eastside with music and performance. EN combines Japanese classical dance influenced movement, taiko percussion (played on large plastic tubs!) and projected photographs of local faces. The piece has been inspired by Japanese festival dances, Bon Odori, which are typically done in summer to welcome home the souls of the past. EN is a celebration of how people are linked to each other over time and space, and how the souls of all generations have danced in the rain of Vancouver.

More images of the show here: EN photo album

Projected images come from Hope in Shadows http://www.hopeinshadows.com/
Umbrellas from The Umbrella Shop
Special Thanks to The Vancouver Japanese United Church!
Performance photos by: Eugene Lin